Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparing for Departure

The departure for China is only days away! So many things to plan, pack, and prepare for that I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I spent the morning reading over emails on the trip and preparing lists of things to do, things to buy, and things to not forget.

For instance, in addition to regular toiletries you travel with, I need to buy small rolls of toilet paper. Apparently this is not furnished in public restrooms in China, so you must carry your own. I also must pick up enough Pepto Bismol to take daily, as my doctor says this will slow and possibly prevent bacteria growth should I come in contact with bad food.

I also need to pick up some fresh bug repellent, as they are in humid season, and don't want to chance malaria, even if we are not actually going to be anywhere too rural. I also have a variety of emergency prescriptions filled that my doctor gave me because it is much easier to fill them here and carry them than to try and get them once in China.

I am excited about the experience, but it is going to be tough to go the two weeks without the kids. This is what initially gave me the idea for this blog. It's a way for them to have contact with me.

I am going to update this at least once a day and add pictures and videos. So if you want to keep up with me over the two weeks in China, this would be the place to do it.

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